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Mobilink Guldozer

Red Epic x 4

These were so much fun to shoot,we only had three days pre production 2 x 10 hrs nights to shoot all the players and 1 X 10 hr night to shoot all the effects which were nearly all done in camera and then 4 days to deliver

A big thanks to my fabulous crew especially my Producer Maxine De Vere, who made everything go so smoothly and the post boys were spectacular !

I really wanted to give the players a heroic look and would have really liked to have had the “300” look But I was told a definite NO from the client, so we compromised and with my colourist Dan we came up with this that we now call “our comic book Hero look” it is a very different look for me and everyone really liked it....I hope :)

Location - Dubai

Production Company - Alchemy

Post Production - Spitfire

Grading - Dan at Mile Studios